5 Magic Writing Formulas = A well written essay every time!

“I had recently decided to go back to college and get my degree after 4 years of being out of school. To be honest, I was quite worried and hesitant to enroll because I felt I had been out of school for far too long. I didn’t believe I could get back in and actually do well. One course that really weighed heavily on me was English. On top of that, I have dreaded writing essays from day one because I had never been a successful writer. Fortunately for me, I had found an amazing resource. Using the concepts and formulas developed by Joyce Freese in her book, Help Me Write Now, the lowest grade I received on any one of my essays was a 90%! Time and time again, I would refer back to the well-developed formula of writing an A+ essay, and each time it would produce a well written essay. Thank you, Mrs. Freese!”