What You Don’t Know About Short Sales

A Complete Guide

In a short sale market, homeowners not only lose their homes but also their neighborhoods, friends, schools, and memories. Previously, many just sent their keys in envelopes to the banks as evidence of total defeat. Others fought for their home. The short sale emerged for those who were upside down on their home. They owed moreĀ in mortgage debt than what their home was worth. Rules and Regulations were made on the spot as one crisis followed another. This guide explains the process to credit redemption for those who qualify for the short sale.

  • Can I sell my home as a short sale?
  • What are the qualifications?
  • How long does it take?
  • Do I have to give up everything?
  • How long until I can buy another home?
  • Do I have to pay the bank back?
  • Are there tax consequences?
  • Does it cost me any money?
  • Does it hurt my credit? For how long?
  • Can I do it by myself?
  • Plus More