Volume 1 & 2: How to Win Clients & Create Relationships for Life

Costs rise daily. Profits shrink weekly. Businesses fail yearly. It is no longer a question of merely more bottom-line profit but rather one of survival. Without winning clients and creating relationships for life, you will always be starting over with the next client.

These books will offer you helpful hints to maintain great business relationships for life without having to spend more money. You will immediately boost your income and help insure a steady profit by winning clients and creating relationships for life.

  • Simple straightforward no-nonsense suggestions will help keep your business on track and your expenses down.
  • These no-nonsense suggestions will keep you focused on providing exceptional service to your clients to maintain lifetime relationships.
  •  200 Cost Saving Tips to Boost Your Income and help insure a profit Without Spending Money! (Volume 1 & 2 combined.)