Volume 1: A to Z of Real Estate

So now it’s time to buy and/or sell your home. You may be a new buyer with absolutely no idea of what lies ahead. Or, perhaps, you bought or sold a home so long ago that you can’t remember what it’s all about. Or maybe, your experiences in real estate have been so horrible that they are best forgotten.

From home values to purchase contracts to the mortgage application process to tax advantages, Joyce gives insight into this process by illustrating with briefcase real life stories from her many years as a Realtor®. Some are funny. Some are unbelievable. And some are even scary enough to make you want more knowledge about this process before you sell or buy a home. All are memorable.

Volume 1:

  • Did I undersell my home? Did I overpay for a new Home?
  • What improvements add value to my home?
  • Should I lock-in my interest rate?
  • What are discount points? Who pays?
  • Do I have a loan with a balloon payment? Should I be concerned?
  • How do I buy a new home when I already have one?
  • What is an adjustable rate loan?
  • Do all improvements add value?
  • Plus More . . .