Do Your Clients Consider You a Secret Agent?

Secret Agent? 

Are you a presence in your client’s life or a Secret Agent? 

            Dick finally figured it out. He now had a plan that would create continual contact with his clients, only, he never would have to personally see, hear, or talk to any of them again. How simple and how perfect it would be!  He truly was a modern man. In fact, he was far ahead of his contemporaries. He could hardly wait for Monday.

            Previously, beginning the work week always was shrouded with a degree of anxiety. Who would call today and with what problems? Issues. Always. Hearing their irritating disappointed voices made his heart skip those extra beats. As the calls accelerated so did his blood pressure.

But today was different. Every client would hear from him promptly. Each conversation would be stress-free and smooth. No arguing. No faultfinding attitude.  No grating disappointment. All questions and concerns would be answered expediently today.

At the stroke of 9 am, Dick started his day. Via the expediency of email, Dick wished all his customers a chirpy good morning, addressed their particular issues, and finished with a closure of “Always in Touch, Dick“. He even included his personal cell phone number for anyone who needed to personally reach him immediately. Unknown to them, every call was forwarded to his voice mail system with a message of sincere apology for lack of personal live attention, but to please leave a message that would promptly be returned. With Dick’s master plan, all calls were returned, but after business hours, on their voice message system.

Dick rated his work efficiency at its most productive level. There were no live clients to continually disrupt his day. They could all be attended to by his robot clone which flawlessly handled any problem. What more could a client ask for?

 Missing In Action?

 Avoidance will get you nowhere. Masking it with mechanical interactive androids will get you even further off the charts. Reaching your client with a personal touch must be done from the heart. Your voice, your face, your eye-to-eye contact  needs to be done in real time with a real live person, not your clone.  Your automated assistants can instantly be dismissed and erased with a click of a button.

A real person can’t disappear so easily.

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This has been a sample from Joyce Freese’s EBook, How to Win Clients & Establish Relationships for Life.

Joyce has owned several companies, managed for a large corporation, taught college seminars, and is recognized nationally in the top 10 percent for her real estate sales performance.

Her no-nonsense, straightforward inspirational approach to staying focused on the dream has helped her achieve her goals.

In 2016, Joyce received the distinction as Realtor© Emeritus from The National Association of Realtors for her many years of service to Sellers and Buyers.

Her Best-Selling books include: A to Z of Real Estate, How to Win Clients & Create Relationships for Life, Paranormal Thrillers and Christian Literature: Adult Bible Stories.

She presently lives in Phoenix with her husband and 2 little dogs, JJ and CC.

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