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Joyce has owned several companies, managed for a large corporation, taught college seminars, and irecognized nationally in the top 10 percent for her real estate sales performance.

Her no-nonsense, straightforward inspirational approach to staying focused on the dream has helped her achieve her goals.

In 2016, Joyce received the distinction as Realtor© Emeritus from The National Association of Realtors for her many years of service to Sellers and Buyers.

Her Best-Selling books include: A to Z of Real Estate, How to Win Clients & Create Relationships for Life, Paranormal Thrillers and Christian Literature.

 She presently lives in Phoenix with her husband and 2 little dogs, JJ and CC.

Joyce is available for public speaking engagements.

My Story (continued . . .)

More Details . . .

I have always been a writer. Even though I could not spell, I discovered a way to put my thoughts on paper with the help of spell check.

In my book, Help Me Write Now, I became (and was) that student who struggled with putting words together to make sense, much less produce an A+ essay for my English teacher. In my world, I  had much to say but just couldn’t find my voice.

I believe the English language is based on inherent logic. As a result, I developed 5 mathematical formulas that will produce the ultimate essay, satisfying any teacher. When I taught at the university and community college, my students became my test subjects. Beginning the year with D and F ability, they produced B and A essays by the end of the term.

For many of my students, English was not their first language, yet, they excelled. While writing this book, I became the crazy English teacher (often with humor) who was on a mission to help my students communicate effectively in a world of social media, that often, requires only a few words laced with emogies. Browse Freebies to sample the book.

Costs rise daily. Profits shrink weekly. Businesses fail yearly. It is no longer a question of merely more bottom-line profit but rather one of survival. How to Win Clients & Create Relationships for Life emerged as a book written from the inner thoughts of an owner of a real estate company. At the time, I owned a company of 45 agents and wished them all success. The problem was that not all were living the dream. Looking for that next hot button to make it happen, many struggled. Often their frustration morphed into whining and resulted in low production.

When all else fails, short inspiration is often the cure. How to Win Clients & Create Relationships for Life is  a 30 second read, offering that instant jolt of inspiration that just might arouse sudden inspiration. Browse Freebies to sample the book.

For the Christian Literature: Adult Bible Stories section, I mainly wrote these brief stories to personally help me. Each one is a day in the life of an ordinary person who struggles with a gamut of emotions and decisions while trying to do the right thing. Sometimes, it’s the Electronic Demons of wireless devises controlling life and creating chaos when they fail to do their job. Sometimes, it’s the memory of a lost one who hollows our soul. Yet, in spite of our  frustrations,  at the end of the day, the world resets itself through the words of God. My personal favorite is The Wedding. Browse Freebies to sample the book.

A to Z of Real Estate is a collection of personal real estate stories throughout my many years as a Realtor. Many of these stories  are funny. Some are unbelievable. And some are even scary enough to make you want more knowledge about this process before you sell or buy a home.  All are memorable. These stories cover the various real estate markets from when interest rates went as high as 21% to the foreclosure/short sale disaster to the present market. This series is dedicated to all of you who deep down in your heart you  truly do believe in the American Dream of home ownership but just aren’t quite sure how to make it a reality. Browse Freebies to sample the book.

My Paranormal Thriller Series began when I sold a home that previously had been a funeral home. Upon crossing the threshold of any home, I feel an energy surge of those who have occupied the home, past and present. This quick surge of energy leaves its mark . I always thought that every Realtor felt this same electrical jolt. However, when I took a quick survey of all my Realtor friends, they looked at me like I was crazy. It has never happened to them, yet, it happens to me every time. Perhaps that is why I believe that Every Home has Its Own Story.

Have you ever walked into a home and felt a sudden cold chill as if someone unseen had breathed on the back of your neck? Or perhaps felt the silence that echoed a stillness known only to death? I have.

All homes store their own private memories. Sometimes loving comfort or depressed sadness lingers. Other times, a collective numbness or lethargy exists. Occasionally, red hot anger can take your breath away. Even as its inhabitants change or depart, their experiences remain. Each person and event leaves an individual mark. This energy remains within its walls. Nothing is ever forgotten.

Both The Funeral Home and Unnoticed capture the energy of its occupants within its walls. Browse Freebies  to sample the book.

Never did I believe that the real estate market would bust. When it finally hit, it was beyond anyone’s imagination. Homeowners not only lost their homes but also their neighborhoods, friends, schools, and memories. Many just sent their keys in envelopes to the banks as evidence of total defeat. Others fought for their home, if they could. The short sale emerged.

Hoping for a quick rebound, homeowners sought the short sale to lessen the pain. Typically, a homeowner who sold in a short sale could buy within less time and with less negative credit impact than a foreclosure. Unfortunately, many homeowners didn’t understand that they had to qualify for a short sale. Much anguish and lost time eroded the confidence of homeowners. Not only was the homeowner clueless but also their Realtor and the banks. It was new to everyone involved. Rules and Regulations were made on the spot as one crisis followed another. What You Don’t Know About Short Sales explains this process to credit redemption for those who qualify for a short sale.. Browse Freebies for free download.